Alumni Profiles

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Elizabeth Kimura

Year graduated/major or minor: BA, Chinese, 2008

Current Position: Senior Compliance Consultant at Discover Card

How ALC influenced your career path: Being fluent in Chinese allowed me my start in the banking world by being hired into the Law and Compliance Department at an Asian bank due to my fluency in working with Chinese banking regulators and the FDIC.

Advice for current students: Work hard in whatever interests you while at UCLA and be confident there are ways it can translate into any job you want to achieve.


Alex Ross

Year graduated/major or minor: BA, Chinese, 2012

Additional Education: Self-taught programmer

Current Position: CTO & Co-Founder, Enplug Inc.

How ALC influenced your career path: Studying Chinese helped me develop me the discipline and abstract thinking I needed to become a technologist and co-found a technology company.

Advice for current students: Hold yourself to the highest standard possible, because if you don’t nobody else will.


Esther I. Shin

Year graduated/major or minor: BA, History and minor in Japanese, 2013

Current Position: Development Assistant at the Japanese American National Museum

How ALC influenced your career path: I was able to combine my knowledge of Japanese and Japanese American language and culture, with my enthusiasm for history and museums which led to my internship, and now regular position at the Japanese American National Museum.

Advice for current students: Get work experience that is related to your desired field of work – whether it’s paid work, internships, or volunteering. It’s important to excel in your studies, but work experience is crucial when it comes to your career. Work experience helps you discern what you would or would not like to do in the future, it helps you define your goals, it shows you what your strengths and weaknesses are, and it provides networks, not just with working professionals, but it can open the door to great opportunities.


Ming Loong Teo

Year graduated/major or minor: BA, Korean, 2012

Additional Education: MSW, University of Southern California, 2014

Current Position: Psychiatric Social Worker with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

How ALC influenced your career path: My career path was decided before I came to UCLA, however, ALC provided the opportunity to further enrich my language skills and my level of cultural competence. This, in turn, has dramatically helped me in my work as a mental health provider working in the Korean community.

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